​​ Reunion ReSource Center

Reunion ReSource Center


Traditional and Alternative Education, Inspiration & Healing

Reunion ReSource Center

  • A safe place to heal, learn, grow, enjoy, contribute and celebrate.
  • A peaceful place of happy harmony and loving reminders
  • A healing space to remember Love and return to wholeness and well-being.
  • A sacred space in which to relate with respect, responsibility and cooperation.

​Our Focus

  • We teach, model and inspire positive living, loving and learning.
  • We facilitate living with clarity, choice, forgiveness and affirmation.
  • We offer traditional and alternative therapies and holistic health services.
  • We provide classes, groups, workshops, retreats and programs for individuals, couples and families.
  • We host gatherings for celebration, drumming, fellowship, music, meditation and family fun.

Our Philosophy
  • Respect all paths.
  • Honor individual choice.
  • Appreciate your uniqueness.
  • Value all our relationships.
  • Listen and make no assumptions.
  • Keep agreements with integrity.
  • Serve All with the best we know.

What you will experience
  • Positive Ideas!
  • Effective Healing!
  • Helpful Giving!
  • Easy Learning!
  • Respectful Loving!
  • Gentle Letting Go!
  • Happy Creating!
  • Open Honoring!
  • Amazing Success!

We see life as a playground of possibilities.
Each one of us is learning to choose what is best for us.
When we explore our lives with non- judgment, respect, and appreciation,
we always create what is good for all.